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Our students have developed a wave propagation software.


  • PRPI has offered the following Continuing Education workshops:
  • - Course on Laser Systems and Applications (4 hours): for Technical and STEM students.
  • - Discovering Light and Exploring Optics Through the Galileoscope (3.5 hours): for the general public. This workshop will be offered again in Spring 2016. Stay tuned for details or contact us.

If you or your company is interested in a Continuing Education workshop for your company, your teachers, or other populations, please contact us. Continuing Education credits are given through the School of Continuing Education at Universidad Metropolitana, an authorized IACET provider.


  • Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in the Training programs offered by PRPI.
    PRPI will allow for accelerated completion for BSc students enrolled in these courses, and we encourage participation in Capstone-like research projects.
    PRPI will not offer undergraduate degrees. However, we PRPI will offer basic and Advanced Optics and photonics_updated courses to undergraduates, and those who complete two semesters or more of these will receive a certificate from UMET.
  • PRPI has research opportunities. 
  • PRPI will be offering a Continuing Education for technicians and STEM students starting in Fall 2013, beginning with the course entitled "Fundamentals of Light and Lasers". Course details will be available soon.
  • PRPI will offer a follow up to "Fundamentals of Light and Lasers" in Winter 2014 with a course tentatively titled: "Elements of photonics_updated".
  • General information on the content of these courses can be found at the website:
  • Because BSc students will come with better preparation than Technician trainees, we will allow for accelerated completion of these courses and encourage participation in Capstone-like research projects.


  • Participation in Research
  • Basic Optics and photonics_updated
  • The Principles of Fiber Optics and Devices
  • Lasers
  • Laser Gyros and Applications
  • Lidar
  • Optical Design
  • Spectroscopy

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